7.5 ft Natural Deluxe w/ Color Changing Lights – Easy Setup Tree

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Nature at its best! The Natural Grand Deluxe is Easy Treezy’s more luxurious Christmas tree. Modeled after nature’s beauty with its Life-Like™ needles, the Natural Deluxe features 3,040 branches, 50% more Life-Like™ branches than our Signature tree! 500 color changing LED lights are nestled throughout the tree, allowing light customization with the touch of a button! If your holiday demands the best, most realistic Christmas tree, the Natural Deluxe tree is the perfect centerpiece!

  • Slim Tree Shape
  • 7.5 ft. tall, 36 in. wide at base
  • 3,040 Classic and Life-Like™ memory wire branches
  • Pre-lit with 500 color-changing LED lights
  • Evergreen, needle infused cone
  • Electcro-magnetic Insta-light system

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