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Shark Tank Christmas Tree

Easy Treezy will be featured on ABC’s hit TV show Shark Tank on Sunday, December 1st! Tune in and watch Easy Treezy show the Shark investors just how easy and beautiful our quick setup Christmas trees are!

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Shark Tank Christmas Episode Details

This episode is Shark’s Tank’s Christmas Special that airs Thanksgiving weekend and features innovative, helpful, and fun Christmas related products that the Sharks will consider investing in.

Easy Treezy was excited to enter the tank and pitch to the Sharks why our Easy Setup Christmas trees are the easiest Christmas trees that the world has ever seen! Be sure to watch the show and you’ll get to see all the amazing features that make Easy Treezy so beautiful and so simple.

Does Easy Treezy Wow The Sharks?

Easy Treezy’s innovative features are on full display during our segment. From realistic needles and branches, to pre-decorated options, and most importantly, our demonstration of how quickly and easily the tree assembles and magically lights up with electric magnets, there is so much to love about Easy Treezy! But….are the Sharks impressed? You’ll have to tune in to find out.

Episode Airs: Sunday, Dec. 1 at 9pm on ABC

Pre-Lit Natural Trees

Natural Artificial Christmas Trees that are realistic and come pre-lit. Assembles quickly with Easy Setup System.

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Pre-Decorated Trees

Pre-Decorated Artificial Christmas Trees that ship pre-lit with ornaments and décor attached. Quick and easy assembly!

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Holiday Décor Kits provide all the ornaments and décor needed to make any tree look like a designer Christmas tree!

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